Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Can Ghosts Materialize?

One of the key elements to a successful ghost hunt is for the ghosts to appear. I'm not talking orbs, nor am I talking about a puff of passing mist. I'm talking full-fledge human shape and appearance materializing.

When we were writing our book, The Search for the Million $$$ Ghost, one of our co-authors at the time disagreed that ghosts can materialize for an extended amount of time. Oh, it was believable for them to be there in spirit form, but to actually materialize before their eyes was a bit far-fetched, and our readers would find it too unbelievable. As our ghosts did exist for an extended amount of time, we wanted our readers to find this plausible, believable and something that could really happen in real life.

We all know that ghosts exist. Some of us have had encounters with them, so they'll attest to the fact that there are beings on another plane of the ghostly kind who do pay visits on the physical realm. But, how many of them are walking the streets right now and you wouldn't even know it?
Think about it. How many people have you seen that you just feel are from another world? And, before you can take a second look, they're gone?

That's when we went to the experts to find out for sure if ghosts can not only materialize, but stay that way for an extended amount of time for you to actually believe they are real people.

I consulted Victor Zammit, B.A.(Psych), Grad. Dip. Ed., M.A.(Legal Hist.), LL.B, Ph.D, lawyer, Euro-Australian, attorney-at-law, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of the New South Wales and the High Court of Australia (ret.) and author of A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife, on this and he said: “What is a ghost? Let me tell you that there is no such thing as a standard ‘ghost.’ A ghost is a person who used to live on this planet earth, passed on and either is caught in the darkness between earth and the next world all confused and not knowing what is going on in his environment. Or that the ghost was a person who passed on, proceeded to the next world but willfully decides to come back to earth, usually to finish off some unfinished business…psychic research these last one hundred years has provided evidence that materialization (spirits with the same medium’s ectoplasm can lower their vibrations and become as solid as you and I) can take place.

"The Helen Duncan chapter of my book tells of a sailor who materialized, that is from a spirit he materialized to be seen by people on earth, he was touched etc…and found to be solid as you and I. He then related information that his destroyer was sunk by a German U boat and wanted to tell his mother that he is OK in the spirit world. Another incident in the chapter on MATERIALIZATION in my book is about two mums who lost their sixteen-year-old child and were reunited when the boys physically appeared during psychic meetings. I talked to the two of the mums at length and re-confirmed everything they stated. But you must notice very carefully, that the energy for the spirit to become solid and be seen as normal person on earth DOES NOT LAST VERY LONG. This is because Ectoplasm is gaseous element which is emitted by gifted mediums from the medium’s mouth—this ectoplasm is the agent which actually reduces the spirits vibrations to physical vibrations (Einstein theory of E=MC Squared—our physical molecules are vibrating at the speed of light). Spirits’ molecules are vibrating FASTER than the speed of light—180,000 miles per second. Ectoplasm actually reduces the molecule speed to earth’s physical speed—which is at the speed of light—then that is why we will be able to see the spirit as one of us. Your particular problem, Dorothy, is that you will be extending the time significantly. Unless you can use ‘license’—technical expediency—to accommodate the written script. That is something you have to think about."

His words were quite insightful and confirmed our beliefs that this can happen.

Heide Kaminski, one of our co-authors of The Search for the Million $$$ Ghost, consulted another well-known expert in the metaphysical field, Dr. John D. Trent, Vice-President of the Mid-Michigan Ghost Hunter’s Society. We asked him his opinion of a ghost materializing into a human being.

“I have never heard of spirit appearing for any longer than 60 minutes in my studies,” he told us. “There was this woman that hitches a ride in Ohio. She gets a lift home but she isn’t really a living breathing being. She has been dead since the late 1800’s. But she looks real and talks to the person/persons giving her a ride. She even “dematerializes” right in front of them after getting out of the car. Some paranormal investigator rated this phenomenon as a time warp. He must have been a moron! The woman talks to different people, with different questions and gives different answers. Therefore, she is a spirit/ghost, not a time warp at all. Another well known story: A very beautiful girl is at a ballroom/dance club and dances with various men. She touches them while dancing so she is fully materialized, but has been dead for over 50 years. Within an hour or so, she will just “dematerialize” and be gone.”

A dear friend, Robert Egby, a Certified Clinical Hypnosis Counselor, a Certified Sound Healer, an ordained Interfaith Minister, a Dowser, a Psychic Medium, a lecturer and workshop leader on Enlightenment and Higher Awareness, and who also helped me with the passing of my twin soul five years ago, came to my rescue on several questions about the afterlife.

I asked him, “Robert, do you believe that we are all earthbound spirits in some respect? I mean, we are all spirits. I suppose there are differences, but could you clear that up for me?”

He answered, "We are all spirits on spaceship Earth. Technically, earthbound spirits are souls that have been snagged in transition. They were people who could not or would not let go of the physical to cross over into the Spirit World. They live in a dream-state, wandering around places they had on earth, and unable to make contact with loved ones and friends (unless they are clairvoyant, then people can see them and make contact). Earthbounds get frustrated and angry and generate a cold vibration. Sometimes they hear loved ones in spirit and spirit guides calling them from a higher vibration and are attracted up. In which case, their hardship ends. No one knows how many Earthbounds there are, but many are suicides, people who died violently as in war, auto accidents. Now, we are all earthbounds in the sense that we are spirits preparing to go up to a level into the Spirit World. Some people compare earth to an 18th century penal colony, such as Australia where England sent its criminals and forgot them. I prefer to think of earth as a stopping place, an oasis on the spiritual journey."

So, this is what The Search for the Million $$$ Ghost is all about. Even though the book is fiction, it's based on true theories of materialization and dematerialization, and will show you that ghosts do indeed exist.

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