Thursday, March 15, 2007


If this thing loads right, this is so cool! It's a THE SEARCH FOR THE MILLION $$$ GHOST jigsaw puzzle that I found at! I'm not sure how this might have to click on it to take you to the page where it's scrambled, but it's loads of fun while you're waiting for the book to go to print!

ghostiebook5 Jigsaw Puzzle

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Search for the Million $$$ Ghost - PROLOGUE

For your ghostly entertainment, the creators of THE SEARCH FOR THE MILLION $$$ GHOST would like to give you a glimpse into the book that will change your mind if you have any doubts that ghosts exists.....enjoy...


"The boundaries which divide life and death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where one ends and the other begins.”

~Edgar Allan Poe~

Hickory Heights, North Carolina
October 13, 1972

Thank God I'm alive.

Sarah pulled herself from the wreckage. Just moments before, she felt her world coming to an incredible end, finalizing her mortal existence with just one wrong turn. Tossing her long, blonde hair behind her thin, frail shoulders, she looked down at her blood-stained blouse.

My husband will be so disappointed to see me like this.

Both sides of the road were littered with shattered glass and twisted metal. She picked up her step and ambled over to the open field, hoping to catch someone's attention.

Surely someone witnessed the car careening over the edge!

Men and women gathered around the smoking carcass of steel, watching and whispering. She sensed a connection with them as they peered at her through certain unfamiliar eyes. She felt a hand touch her shoulder and gasped.

Sarah turned around and stared into the face of a kind young woman, identical to the one who frequented her nightly dreams.

“I know you, don't I?”

The young woman nodded.

“I've seen you before,” she said.

“Don't be frightened,” said the young woman. “I'm Iro, your spiritual guide. You have many spiritual guides, my love, and I am just one of them.”

The young woman held out her hand and motioned for Sarah to follow her. She's almost floating, she thought as she gazed at the strange young woman who possessed an eerie likeness to someone with whom she had wandered before.

She followed the apparition to the front of the car and pointed to the body of another young girl lying motionless among the twisted metal. She looked down and gasped.

“No!” she cried. “That's not me! It can’t be!”
Iro brushed away the young girl's tears and pointed to a light across from her. A light so bright, it blinded her with its overwhelming beauty and splendor.
“This is the light you may enter now,” she explained. “It is hard for you to understand, but the time has come to leave this earthly plane and enter a new life and a new beginning. This is the ending of this life to which you have become accustomed for the last twenty-two years.”
Sarah looked at the bright beam of light directed at her, pulling her gently. "Yes," she said faintly, tears flowing down her cheeks, “I see it.”
“I know this must be difficult for you, my child,” Iro softly whispered, “but don't worry. You are in good hands now and I will do everything I can to help you. You must not be afraid.”
“But, what about my husband?” Sarah cried. “He will miss me terribly.”
“He will be fine,” said Iro, “for when he needs you, you can go to him.”
“He won't understand!”
“No, he won't understand, but in time he will learn that he needs to go on. More importantly, you need to go on.”
Sarah rose and brushed at her long, white skirt. He gave me this skirt. She fingered the delicate locket trimmed in gold that he gave her on her last birthday. Another present to win my affections when all along it was his love I craved.
Iro walked over to Sarah and held her face in her hands.
“I know what you are thinking, my dear,” she said. “You are saddened. Perhaps it would help if

I told you that you have an alternative.”

The bewildered girl looked up into the warm, sea-blue eyes of the woman.
“An alternative?” she asked. “An alternative to what?”
Iro sighed and looked directly into the young girl's eyes. “An alternative to the hereafter.”
Puzzled, Sarah wanted her to go on, yet felt uneasy in her doing so.
“My child,” Iro continued, “there is a world you are not familiar yet, although you have crossed its paths many times and in many lifetimes.”
“The first rule to follow,” she continued, “is to never enter the light until you are ready to do so.”
Iro looked to the heavens and spoke very low, “That is the light of eternity.”
“You are an angel now,” she continued. “Your destiny was mapped out many, many years ago. You have to understand that you have many lives. And in each life, you are to learn important lessons in order to advance into the next realm. In order to do this, you must finish unfinished business on this plane.”
“So you are saying there is more work here to be done?” she asked. “What do I have to do?”
“I cannot tell you that. You have to learn that for yourself.”
Iro crept closer to her and whispered softly, “You will remain on this plane for however long it takes you to complete your soul's journey. When you are done and ready to enter the light, I will come for you.”
“Will you continue to guide me when I complete my soul's journey?”
“My mission is to stay by your side forever. I have been with you since you were created and will continue to light your path with love and guidance in this lifetime and every lifetime that shall follow. It is the path I chose when I crossed over into the light myself many, many years ago.”
“I think I understand now.”
“My love, there's a lot you don't understand. There are many, many lessons to be learned as you go through your life's journey. I have been your mother in your life and you have been mine. I have been in your lives many times. The child which was in your womb was in your past life and shall be in your many lives thereafter.”
“How did you know about my baby?” the young girl asked.
“Please, my child, I am not here to confuse you, only to comfort you. The child you were carrying has become an angel as you have become. That child has been with you all your life, guiding you when you were frightened, comforting you when you were sad and forlorn.”
“I have told you enough for now,” Iro continued. “You will find out this mystery when you find the answers on this plane. This is your soul's journey, my angel.”
“Why can't you tell me now?”
“My dear Sarah, if your existence on the spiritual level is to progress, you must confront each detour and learn to overcome it. Just as in the mortal world where you had to learn lessons, so be it in the spiritual world. You will not attain your highest place in the spiritual realm without learning these things and finding the answers yourself. If you do not learn from them and find the answers, you will remain on this lowly plane and wander the earth forever.
“There is a lot to what I have told you and still more to learn. All will become clear to you after you complete your journey. Immortality is infinite; it has no beginning and no end. We evolve and continue to evolve until we reach the highest level. It is there that you will find eternal peace and happiness.”
The young woman stood and motioned for the girl to come closer. “Come here, love.”
Sarah rose ever so slowly and walked over to the young woman.
“I love you and am here for you whenever you need me,” she said. “It is not a lonely journey you seek, for I will be with you as I have been before. Now it is time for you to go and fulfill your mission. When it has been completed, I will return for you.”
The young girl smiled, knowingly.
“I will leave you know to fulfill your destiny and when that is done, I will take you to the light to be with your son forever.”
With that, Iro vanished, leaving Sarah to begin her spiritual journey.


The Search for the Million $$$ Ghost can be purchased at Fictionwise. The paperback edition will be available at, Barnes & Noble, and your favorite bookstores shortly!

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Sunday, March 4, 2007

# 1 Book Trailor at YouTube!

I'm about to faint...okay, it's not the academy awards, but our book trailer is #1 at YouTube!

Check it out at!

Waaay cool beans!
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Most Tagged Book Trailer!

I happened to be doing a tag search tonight and guess what came in first as the most tagged video in Technorati? Ours did!

So cool...check it out at!
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Friday, March 2, 2007


Welcome to our book blog! I would like to introduce to you THE SEARCH FOR THE MILLION $$$ GHOST, a paranormal novel created by the writing team of Heide Kaminski, Pam Lawniczak and Dorothy Thompson and published by Mardi Gras Publishing.

So, what's this ghostie book about?

It's about soul mates of the ghostly kind. It's about longing for someone who crossed over to the other side so bad, you'll offer one million smackeroos to find someone who will bring your soul mate back to you. It's about love lost, but more than that, it's a book that proves the power of believing in the spiritual connection that exists between two entities, whether they are alive or not.

The book will open itself to many questions, and that is the reason for this blog.

Is there life on the other side?

Can you will your departed one to appear?

Just because you are dead, does that mean your spirit is no longer alive?

Stay tuned because the writing team of THE SEARCH FOR THE MILLION $$$ GHOST is about to take you on a journey and discover another world, a world that exists if only you open up your mind to the possibilites, because the possibility very much exists. Our book proves it.

Yes, it's a fictional tale, but it's based on the real story of a man offering a million dollars to anyone who can prove that ghosts exist. So far, no one has been able to prove it.

But, in our book, six women do prove it, but you'll have to read the book to find out how they do it. It's a closely guarded secret, you know.

So, join us on this incredible journey in this realm as we blog about writing this book, and what's up ahead for us. But, while we're doing this, we're also going to take you to another realm, far, far away, as we discuss the paranormal field in general and try to help you understand that...

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