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Spiritual Vibrations at Ground Zero Seven Months After 911

As promised, I want to tell you about a trip to New York I took seven months after 911. The reason why I'm telling you this story is because it had such a tremendous impact on me in regards to spiritual vibrations.

My daughter, a friend of hers and I (the picture to the left is my daughter on the left and me on the right), took the bus to Manhattan, N.Y., to do all the touristy stuff. It was a just a pleasure trip - a full day's worth of exploring all the things Manhattan had to offer - Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, Hard Rock name it.

As this was my very first trip to New York, I think I expected something different. The fear of getting mugged was perhaps one of the things I had on my mind, but I always thought of NYers as being standoffish, gruff and impolite. Could I have ever been so wrong.

It had been seven months since 911 and I want to say New York took on a surreal appearance. Everyone was helpful when we got lost and not either one of us were mugged. Perhaps that's stereotyping, but I couldn't help to think that 911 had changed New York.

But, it wasn't even that. I could feel a presence. But, the presence didn't really hit me until we were upon the site where the Twin Towers went down. It was like you couldn't even breathe.

Since pictures weren't allowed, so these are exclusive. I am showing them to you so that you can see what the area was like seven months after terrorists invaded New York and destroyed the lives of thousands of people.

This first picture was taken at Ground Zero. This was all roped off. Cops and firemen were still at it and this is seven months later. Right beyond the cop car was the actual site. The road is quite torn up by falling buildings, perhaps? If you look to the right, you can see a building that is still destroyed (second from right).

An excerpt from my diary:

"As soon as you reached the area, the atmosphere took on a new dimension. What I found weird was the air was very warm and humid. Almost like you couldn’t breathe. We could still see smoke, but it could have been from them burning the debris. Everyone in our group were silent. We couldn’t speak a word. We just stood there with flashbacks of the horror that took place. The area was still roped off and cops were guarding the place. Crew workers were still at work clearing away what the trash and remnants of that horrific day."

This next picture is a make-shift wall at Ground Zero to hang momentos.

An excerpt of my diary:

"We walked over to the make-shift wall someone had put up as a memorial of those who perished on September 11, 2001. Items from the wreckage were tacked onto the wall, along with pictures of those who died and letters from their loved ones. I took a few pictures until I read ‘No cameras or video equipment allowed or they will be confiscated’. I took a couple more and hid the camera in my jacket pocket.

We stood around, barely able to breathe. Something told me to leave. Picking up on these feelings, I wondered what that was all about. I sensed the cries of the dead. They were all around me and I felt like I was suffocating. What kind of messages were they sending to me?

I told the other members of our group that we should go now. Slowly we made our way out. There were street vendors there selling ‘I love New York’ t-shirts and pictures of the Trade Centers. I picked up a couple T-shirts and a globe of the Trade Centers until the cops came up and told them to leave. I asked the cops why. They said that the profits were going to the vendors themselves and not to the 911 effort. Feeling bad about contributing to this, I also felt these vendors needed to make money, too. However, this was not the place for your own profit.

Walking away, the air cleared and you could breathe again. We were all silent as we made our way back to Broadway and to life."

It was a horrible and tragic day for Americans on 911, but I couldn't help but to feel the torment and pain of those who suffered. I felt this. Standing among the ruins, I picked up on the spiritual vibrations that echoed in my ears. These were the earthbounds who hadn't accepted their plight. Silently, I told them to go to the light. Perhaps they listened. Or, perhaps, they are still there searching for a life that is no more.

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Blogger Kim Robinson said...

I imagine that there are spirits there who can't leave. I do believe that when a spirit is worried about someone they cannot pass over. My grandmother always said those who die bad don't stay dead

May 16, 2007 at 7:43 AM  

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